Getting to know LINX Cargo Care Group

LINX is part of LINX Cargo Care Group, a formidable network of ports and logistics expertise, with strategically positioned assets throughout Australasia. The LINX team has a long history in the Western Riverina stretching back to the 1930s with local horse and cart service from the rail head to the store owner.

LINX Cargo Care Group was formed in August 2016, following the separation from Patrick and the ASX listed Asciano group of companies. LINX Cargo Care Group brings together the capabilities of five market-leading operations built on over 100 years of ports and logistics experience. Together, LINX, Autocare, C3, Pedersen Group and GeelongPort employ more than 4,000 people across Australia and New Zealand.

You could only imagine how excited we were when they come on board to sponsor our Australian Art Deco Festival! Be sure to try the ‘LINX Logistique Cocktail’, which will be featured at our Flappers and Felons Ball.

As we mentioned before, the LINX team has a long history servicing the Western Riverina.

Back then, it was known as ‘Alpen’s Carrying Service’, which provided transport services to the region for more than 70 years. In 1997, Alpen’s entered into a joint venture with FreightCorp to establish the Riverina Freight Terminal and attract export and import freight from road to rail. It went on to become one of the largest transport services in the Riverina!

In 2002, Patrick and Toll purchased FreightCorp and National Rail forming Pacific National, which enabled the development of an integrated business that was able to take advantage of their terminals, logistics and rail assets.

Today, no other Australian business can match their regional logistics presence and capabilities in the Riverina.

LINX maintains an extensive Regional Logistics business that supports agriculture, forestry, manufacturing and mining industries across Australia. Their Regional Logistics business operates outside of Australia’s major capital cities and provides a range of landside logistics services to customers across a variety of industries.  LINX work closely with these customers to develop robust and efficient supply chain solutions for both domestic and international cargos.

LINX employs close to 100 people in the Riverina region across their rail, road and warehousing assets. The business operates an extensive fleet of prime movers and B-Double trailer sets as well as providing rail services that collectively move 350,000 tonnes of domestic commodities and 800,000 tonnes of international volumes annually for our Riverina-based customers.

LINX has a strategic focus to identify and work collaboratively with key customers in the Riverina that have both a domestic and international freight task, offering innovative and efficient logistics solutions which are of mutual operational and commercial benefit. Their operational footprint ensures they can deliver to our customers an unparalleled service and provide the most robust supply chain into or out of the Western Riverina.