Join Us as a Vendor at the Australian Art Deco Festival! 

Are you a vendor eager to be part of the Festival’s excitement? We’re thrilled to welcome vendors who share our enthusiasm for enhancing the Festival’s atmosphere.

Here’s What You Need to Know

You’re invited to contribute to the festive spirit by embracing the Art Deco theme. Elevate the Festival’s ambience, even if it’s not flawless, by dressing up your stall (and your staff) in Art Deco style. It’s crucial that everyone immerses themselves in the Festival’s unique atmosphere. Not only does it create unforgettable moments for all, but it’s also incredibly enjoyable!

Become a part of the Australian Art Deco Festival as a vendor! Showcase your creativity through classic cocktails, vintage-inspired treats, stylish accessories, and retro clothing. Our event provides the ideal canvas for you to be daring while reviving the era from 1910 to 1940. Seize this opportunity and be part of the magic!

Ready to become a vendor?

Express your interest by completing our convenient online application form below and share information about your product. If you know someone who’d make an exceptional vendor, don’t hesitate to spread the word through our social sharing buttons.