Tutankhamun Roadshow coming to Festival!

You’re probably wondering how Art Deco and Tutankhamun form part of the same event? Interestingly enough, Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered by Howard Carter in 1922 (the beginning of the Art Deco era) which then influenced a trend in ‘Mummy Unwrapping Parties’. So that’s why we were so excited when we stumbled across Tutankhamun THE ROADSHOW!

Tutankhamun Roadshow coming to Festival!

Founded by Dr Wayne French, the Tutroadshow is a purpose-built semi-trailer that brings the wonders of Ancient Egypt to your doorstep. Dr French was always fascinated by the stories that came from ancient history which sparked his interest in archeology. He has visited many ancient locations around the world and has been collecting artefacts since the late 1970’s.

Over the years, his collection has grown immensely which is where he created a world-class, museum-quality archaeology exhibition where he can share his collection with others.

The trailer is equipped with state-of-the-art multimedia and features a fascinating display of authentic artifacts from Ancient Egypt and other millennia-old civilisations. On board the exhibition, visitors can view and handle objects that were made thousands of years ago and learn about their significance today.

Many of the local and regional surrounding schools have jumped on this opportunity educate the students by booking them into preview the museum. Those wishing to attend over the festival weekend can view the collection on Saturday 13 July from 10am – 4pm as part of the Chelmsford Place Markets. The truck will be parked in Dooley Lane, so be sure to swing by and check it out!

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