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Experience the world of decorated bush poet Henry Lawson at the Australian Art Deco Festival!

Geoffrey Graham brings Lawson to life through an interactive and informative session at the Henry Lawson Cottage, where the poet spent several months in 1916 sobering up and writing. Graham takes festival-goers on a visual journey through words, describing the poet’s life and work, which were significantly affected by depression, alcoholism, and partial deafness.

With his deep understanding of Lawson’s poetry, Geoffrey will transport you back in time and allow you to experience the true essence of the Australian bush. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness a master storyteller in action.

Don’t miss ‘Henry Lawson at Home,’ a FREE event that will run for a 30-minute session twice daily between July 7 and 9 at the Henry Lawson Cottage.

The Henry Lawson Cottage will also be open for viewing between 10am and 2pm each day of the Festival.

Geoffrey Graham is returning to Leeton to bring Henry Lawson to life at the poet’s residence in Leeton over the Australian Art Deco Festival weekend.
Photo courtesy of The Irrigator.