The Leeton Art Deco Festival 2021 is classified by Services NSW as an event that allows you to save $25 off the total checkout order. For some of our tickets this means you can get in for free! In order to make use of this offer, you’ll need the Services NSW app.

Make sure that you have the app installed on your phone. If you don’t have it already then visit the Services NSW Mobile App page to find the links for your phone. Check that you have applied for the vouchers by going to the vouchers section of the app. If they’re not there, then you can apply here.

Only Discover coupons can be used on our website. The app clearly states if it is a Discover or Dine voucher.

Press the ticket and a QR barcode will be shown. Under that should be a 9 character code starting with ‘g’. Take note of this number. The voucher code refreshes every couple of minutes, so ensure that you are using a valid voucher

Proceed to the checkout page. You’ll notice a banner saying that we accept Discover coupon codes. Underneath that is a box that will allow you to add your code.

Give it some time and let it verify.

Once verified, a message in a green box will appear confirming that the voucher has been applied. If you scroll down to the bottom of the order you’ll notice that the discount has been applied to the checkout.

If you have any feedback or complaints, reach out to Services NSW at

Common Errors

  • Users trying to use two coupons on the same day
  • The code has automatically expired and a new on is needed by refreshing the app
  • Trying to redeem a Dine coupon instead of a Discovery coupon

Addressing errors

  • Please reach out to
  • Take a screenshot or note down the errors message
  • Contact Creativus Design (developer of the Services NSW API Integration) at