Fashion Does Art Deco…

And now? A hundred years later the rules have dissolved, and we throw on our clothes with ease and abandon. Unthinkingly and in many ways, we celebrate these three adventurous designers and many more for their vision in making our wardrobes a fun place to play.

In 2019? Many designers are still chasing the Deco fashion’s delicious dramatic legacy.

This was January …there is even a lampshade-inspired dress!

The Italian designer, Georgio Amani showed off his Haute Couture fashion collection in an Art Deco-inspired feast of feathers, sequins, patent leather and crystals.

Elie Saab has created beautiful current fashion pieces that are deco inspired.

Closer to home … can you spot the Art deco in these catwalk creations?

Will you be wearing an authentic look to our festival or are you planning a modern take on the Art Deco era? We can’t wait to see how fabulous all our guests look!

And don’t forget about the kids costume competition at our Chelmsford Street Festival. If they don’t have a costume, they can head to the Library where kids can dress up.