We are bringing the fun of billycart racing back to Leeton! Our inaugaural event will feature a soapbox derby as part of the free Chelmsford Festival on Saturday the 13th of July, application forms can be accessed here.

billycart / soapbox derby

Race Rules
Each cart shall have a driver and a pusher.
There will be a restricted push zone at the top of the course – carts can be pushed only in this zone and must
then be let go.
Drivers must wear cycle helmets, crash helmets or motor bike helmets
Deco dress is mandatory for all drivers and pushers. (Deco dress = fashion 1910-1949)
Each race will have a maximum number of carts, determined by the judges.
Heats will be held to accommodate all carts.
Carts may be entered in more than one class with appropriate drivers/pushers.
First cart past the post is the winner.
No mechanical or driver propulsion will be permitted (includes pedals, no traction control, ABS, launch control allowed!)
All entrants enter these races at their own risk.
All entrants must be the specified age as at race day – Saturday, July 13, 2019.

Cart Specifications
All carts must be available for scrutineering by 10.30am on race day.
Carts shall be in a safe condition.
Carts must have brakes and be able to stop unaided.
(Putting your feet down on the tar does not equate to brakes!)
All carts must have four (4) wheels
Maximum wheel diameter 600mm.
The maximum cart length is 2.0 metres.
Carts must be capable of being steered.
There shall be no dangerous extrusions from the cart.
Each cart shall have provision for a number. Numbers will be allocated by judges on final inspection


Prizes will be awarded to the top three places in each category plus special prizes for:
• Best Effort & Design
• Best Cart & Crew Outfits
• Best Art Deco Cart